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Shepton Mallet Carnival 2017

Last night, Chris and I saw the Carnival in Shepton, and it was amazing! We really are incredibly lucky to have such a spectacular free event every year, and even the rain held off. We always choose the same spot, next to a lovely old ash tree on Commercial Road, opposite the Salvation Army building. The procession reached us around 7.45, and we were thoroughly entertained from the very first cart (Naggers: You won’t stop talking) to the very last (New Orleans Voodoo). Even those without lights or music didn’t lose their appeal, and I hope the loud cheers and clapping helped to lift the spirits of those who had obviously worked so hard all year. The Shepton Mallet Carnival is now in its 52nd


I’ve already said that I love this time of year, and I used to love going to the local bonfire and seeing a fantastic firework display. As I child I remember my Mum & Dad letting of fireworks in the garden on 5 November, waving bright sparklers, with the smell of gunpowder in the cold air. I also remember being told over and over again, never to go back to a firework that had been lit, even if it hadn’t flared yet. This was reinforced by some of the scariest public information films of the 1970s; one played the nursery rhyme ‘Boys & Girls Come Out To Play’, and I couldn’t listen to the rhyme afterwards without having nightmares. Nowadays I’m not so keen on fireworks because my dog, Whiskey,

What's In A Name

A few years ago when I was looking for alternative employment, I saw a job advertised that seemed absolutely perfect. The description exactly matched my experience and expertise, to the point where it could have been taken directly from my CV. I was really optimistic that this could be my opportunity to move on to pastures new, quickly made my application, and sure enough I was promptly contacted by the recruiting agency. We discussed my work history and everything that was involved with my current role, and it appeared that there was just one problem – my job title. The position I was applying for was office manager, running a small office in a rural location. Even though my current role



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