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What's In A Name

A few years ago when I was looking for alternative employment, I saw a job advertised that seemed absolutely perfect. The description exactly matched my experience and expertise, to the point where it could have been taken directly from my CV. I was really optimistic that this could be my opportunity to move on to pastures new, quickly made my

application, and sure enough I was promptly contacted by the recruiting agency. We discussed my work history and everything that was involved with my current role, and it appeared that there was just one problem – my job title. The position I was applying for was office manager, running a small office in a rural location. Even though my current role was exactly that, with proven abilities, achievements and a matching salary, this apparently didn’t count for anything because my job title did not contain the right word(s). I asked the recruiter if I should perhaps change my CV to say office manager, and she said yes, that would be a good idea. She then added that her client had specifically asked for someone with a degree, something I don’t have, and therefore she would not be submitting my CV for this position – I have to say this is just as well because my time is too valuable to be wasted, and I would not be happy giving false information even if an agency thinks this is acceptable.

The recruitment process these days is a complete nonsense, particularly with so many online agencies that use robots to filter CVs, and employers with unrealistic expectations and offering salaries which are, quite frankly, insulting. Is a title really more important than actual hands-on experience and tangible results? Personally I would rather employ someone I could trust to do the job, rather than someone with a fancy title and no proven experience. I would also offer a package to make someone want to stay instead of moving on as soon as something more attractive came along.

Luckily for me, Chris loves my cooking – I’m not a baker by trade but I do make a really good chocolate cake, and if anyone wants a slice I promise not to overcharge!