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Charles Chipperfield Circus

Last week the circus came to town, and it gave me & Chris the biggest belly laughs since we watched Grimsby at Vue. Our shared sense of particular brand of humour was one of the first things we found that we had in common, and probably explains why we both remained single for so long before we met each other. The circus rocked up in Collett Park amidst the usual outrage on the Facebook Community Page – why on earth should the circus be allowed in our beautiful park when there is a perfectly good show-field across the road; dogs running … round park … unsupervised dog (poo) on the path – and so it went on: welcome to Shepton Mallet Charles Chipperfield Circus! Chris and I had complimentary ti

Collett Festival 2018

Collett Park has to be the jewel in Shepton Mallet’s crown, and the annual Collett Festival fits in perfectly with this. The sun shone brightly and warmly this year, so much so that the bar almost ran dry by the evening. The event offered something for everyone, with displays from the Air Cadets, Shepton Mallet Gymnasts, Majorettes, and Chapel Dance Studio; Terry Webb offered up some football skills, and there was music throughout the day from the Wells City Band and Ant Noel & The Peabody Drakes. The ‘top’ western end of the park offered lots of community stalls and tombolas and a variety of street food, with two bars to help wash this down. Carmello was sadly missed this year, although the


As you may have gathered by now, I’m a real animal lover. My family have always had cats, dogs or both, and I grew up with them. We never had smaller animals, but when I was in my late teens my older sister looked after a hamster for a work colleague that was on holiday, and we kind of adopted him. The hamster was called Blueberry because his coat had a kind of blueish tinge, but he very soon became ‘Hammy’. Hamsters don’t live very long, and when Hammy died my Dad sent me off to the pet shop with £20 to go and get another one. Smokey Joe became part of the family, and every Sunday evening I would let him run free in the front room while his cage had a deep clean – this operation was not as



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