How To Tackle Online Reviews

Reviews are a fantastic way to boost your company profile online. Google, for instance, will positively improve your internet search ranking based on reviews alone.

Personal experience and word of mouth can be your strongest marketing tools, and it’s a really good idea to proactively encourage reviews on any social media platform.

Unfortunately customer expectations can be subjective – no matter how hard you try to create the perfect customer experience, you will undoubtedly not meet the approval of everyone.

So how do you deal with a negative review online?

First of all, remember that you are dealing with someone who is genuinely upset; secondly that your response will be public for anyone to see.

  • Always thank the person for taking the time to leave a review

  • Positively encourage them to contact you directly to help resolve the situation

  • By all means, defend your position, but in a very polite and tactful way

  • Never ever attack them - even if they were hasty and perhaps got hold of the wrong end of the stick– you want people to keep coming back and not be scared of a bad experience

  • If you have actually messed up, then simply own it – apologise and explain measures in place to learn and improve

A bad experience dealt with in a positive way can actually enhance a customer relationship

Sadly, as you become more successful, you will inevitably encounter ‘trolls’ who will try and discredit your business, but please remember that these are usually easy to identify and most people are happy to ignore – especially if you stick to the guidelines above!